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  • As the Head Coach and Founder of Full Throttle Endurance, it is my responsibility to make sure that our FTE TEAM was partnered with the best in every area of the sport of triathlon. As a USA Triathlon, All American Athlete myself the most important partnership is your Physical Therapy Group. Our choice without question was Fusion PT owned and operated by Carolyn Mazur. Carolyn and her PT groups ability to work with all types of athletes and their understanding of what athletes need to be the best they can be at every race were exactly what we needed. Athletes know they are always going to have to work through issues during a long race season, but Fusion PT gave us the support we needed all year long. Thank you, Carolyn, you guys are the best!
    Scott Berlinger
    President / Head Coach of Full Throttle Endurance Racing
  • Kids are playing sports at increasingly high levels, more aggressively and for longer periods of time, not just seasonally. And they’re performing at this intensity younger and younger. Their bodies don’t have a chance to develop as completely as they used to. Also, their sports teams don’t cover all the basics in terms of conditioning, flexibility, and agility. That’s why programs like the ones Carolyn is creating at Fusion are so important. I would hope to see them adopted by every team whether it’s a school or league one, to give these young athletes the best chance possible to avoid getting hurt. Besides surgery, these injuries require intensive rehabilitation which cuts into school time and can have long-term consequences. Minimizing them is critical.
    Dr. James N. Gladstone
    MD, Co-Chief, Division of Sports Medicine Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery Mount Sinai Medical Center
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