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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Oh, You Got To Have Friends

  • By FusionAdmin
  • Published June 9, 2015
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981204_516448411754282_1344897737_oTeamwork Puts the “Win” in Game Day

If you ask any pro athlete what is the most crucial element for game day success, he or she will say, “Teamwork.”  Even those who engage in more solo sports like triathletes, tennis or golf players still have coaches and trainers who comprise a support system that can’t be beat.  Often, when a teen athlete isn’t planning on participating on a college team sport, he or she will seek that exchange and interplay experienced in high school through a club or an intramural team.  Being a part of a team is emotionally satisfying.  You have a built in network of people who share a similar love of sport, activity and, most often, winning.  So what happens when you graduate college and no longer have the structure and accountability to a group of people with a shared athletic interest?  Here are a few ways that I’ve found “teams” in my professional career as a DPT and as an athlete: Continue reading…