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Monthly Archives: July 2015

“Just Do It” — Easy for Nike To Say

  • By FusionAdmin
  • Published July 27, 2015
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Sometimes “it” is not so easy.

Getting out the door for a run, bike ride or even a gym workout can often be a battle of exercise v. Netflix original series binge-watch. And for most people, binge-watch wins.

I was talking with some of our triathlete clients about how they keep to training schedule when life wants so desperately to get in the way. Family and friend obligations as well as simple day-to-day chores like food shopping, cooking, doing laundry and housekeeping can easily take up your non-work time unless you create and maintain a workout schedule.

But schedules, like resolutions and diets, are made to be broken – or at least negotiated around!

Here are three ways to outwit the inner NO and “do it” — and by “it” we mean exercise, workout, train, move your body. Continue reading…

Electrolytes: An Athlete’s Best Friend

  • By FusionAdmin
  • Published July 2, 2015
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electrolytes athletes best friend

Even if the average daily temperature is not soaring into the 90s, summer days are when athletes repeatedly hit the dehydration wall. “It wasn’t even that hot today,” is a common refrain of cyclists, runners, ballplayers and especially swimmers who don’t see or feel the sweat pouring out of them as they compete in the heat. It’s rare that a week goes by in the summer when the humidity alone doesn’t make you perspire more than usual, even when you’re inactive as when sleeping! Trust us, it’s hot enough that you need to be more aware of electrolyte replenishing during June, July and August than in the winter months. But what exactly are electrolytes and why do athletes, in particular, need them? Continue reading…