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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Backpack Ergonomics 101: How to Shoulder a Too-Heavy Load

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  • Published September 28, 2015
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testBy Dr. Carolyn Mazur

It’s back to school time which means heavy backpacks filled with thick books and supplies that wreak havoc on proper posture and spine alignment. Here are some questions to consider to lessen the likelihood of any discomfort or continued strain on the lumbar or shoulder girdle that may be compromising your student’s physical health and range of motion. Continue reading…

Sports Performance Assessment Day for Hunter College H.S. Athletes

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  • Published September 22, 2015
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Continuing Fusion’s partnership with Hunter College High School, Eric Grantham recently led Hunter athletes through a challenging Sports Performance Assessment session. View some images of the action below: Continue reading…

Stenosis Tried (But Failed) To Permanently Bench Mets’ Player

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  • Published September 4, 2015
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What WRIGHT Did RIGHT To Enable A Comeback

First of all, what IS stenosis and why was it threatening to cripple our hometown star from playing ball?

In the most simplistic sense, stenosis is a physical condition whereby an abnormal narrowing of a passageway in the body occurs. It is not a passive narrowing, however. The process has force to it so that as the passageway, or canal, narrows, tissue, muscles, ligaments and nerves that run through that passageway get squeezed or compressed. New York Mets’ captain and third base player David Wright experienced stenosis in his lumbar, or lower spine, one of the more common areas to receive a stenosis diagnosis. Continue reading…