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3 Reasons To Maintain a Work Out Schedule During the Next Two & a Half Weeks


Over the next 2-3 weeks, you will most likely drink more alcohol, consume more calories and exert less energy than you do all year.

You’re probably already protesting: “That’s not true! I drink a glass of water in between each spiked egg nog or pomegranite Cosmo!” or “I only ate 35 latkes and 10 chocolate covered Santas at that party last night“ or “I walked miles and miles Sunday trying to find The Perfect Something; that counts as aerobics, right?”

Trust us, it’s important for your body AND mind to keep a workout routine during this madcap season of impromptu get-togethers and planned feasts. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have found that exercise reduces anxiety and depression (http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/depression/in-depth/depression-and-exercise/art-20046495) and we all know the holiday season can pump up the volume on both of those states of being.

Here are three easy ways to seamlessly weave physical movement into your hectic, fun-filled, indulgent social schedule:

Try A Class

Switch it up. If you’re someone who always uses the treadmill or some other machine at the gym, experience a group fitness workout. Most health clubs or gyms offer a diverse offering of cardio, body-conditioning, Pilates, yoga or spinning classes that can help you wedge in a good old-fashioned sweat-session in a compact 45-1 hour time slot. This time of year is a great one for trying one of these sessions because class sizes are smaller and instructors can focus more on individual needs.

Make A Plan

After you’ve decked the halls with boughs of holiday or stayed a bit too long imbibing and chatting at the company doo, decide when you’re going to exercise the next day BEFORE you go to bed. Don’t just leave it to chance; make a game plan. Leave your sneaks by your bed, even, just to make sure the your clear the cobwebs with a quick little 5k before the next gathering. This time of year, there is always something popping up at the last minute so getting your workout done in the early morning hours guarantees your top priority of health and wellness is accomplished.

Partner Up

If you make a date with a pal to hit the weight room, you’ll not only get in a good power-lifting session, but you’ll have fun as well. When you’re beholden to a fellow athlete who is as disciplined as you are, there’s less risk of letting other activities get in the way of performance. You can always invite a relative you’re visiting or a friend whom you rarely see to go on a hike or, if there’s snow, cross-country ski. An added bonus: Running, race-walking, swimming, cycling, shooting hoops – all of these activities release endorphins and put most people in a party mood!

Want more ways to on how to stay fit – and not pack on too many extra lbs — during this wonderfully distracting and bountiful season? Give us a shout at 212-924-4920.


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