Bigger Faster Stronger

What is BFS?

Bigger Faster Stronger is a program designed for motivated high school athletes looking to improve their athletic performance with a specific strength and conditioning program. This program encompasses anyone from the ages of 13-18 years of age. (We offer a youth program for athletes 12 years of age or younger.) This strength and conditioning program will focus on anaerobic/power type sports which include football, rugby, basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, etc. This program will not only make you 'bigger stronger faster', but athletes will learn how to move properly, execute each lift safely, eat correctly, and recover from exercise.



Fusion Combine

The Fusion Combine consists of various performance tests related to speed, agility, strength and power. These tests will be used as an assessment tool to measure strengths and weaknesses of each athlete and allow our team of performance coaches to tailor the BFS program to each athlete’s individual needs. The combine will be used to assess upper and lower body power and endurance, speed, agility, and core stability. The Fusion Combine will be performed at the beginning, middle, and end of the athlete’s program. The results of these tests also allow athletes to see where they stand when compared to their peers as well as track their progress as they advance through the program. 



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