Community Involvement

Over the past 15 years we have worked diligently to assist and encourage our community. From supporting local businesses, participating in marches and city clean up projects to helping athletes in need through our sponsorship program. We believe staying connected provides us the opportunity to leave a positive stamp on the world, something we are so passion about.

Athlete Sponsorship Program

Sports provide the youth of our generation with a platform to not only create healthy lifestyle habits, but the opportunity to an education and future career path. Here at Fusion we work with athletes of all ages to enhance performance in efforts to make it to their sport's most elite level, empowering them through injuries and tough breaks. BUT, they also need your help! Some of the athletes that come to us do not have the resources they need to fuel their future.With your sponsorship they could! Please join our efforts in creating a successful platform for all athletes by making a contribution to our Sponsorship Program. 

212-924-4920 or email us at info@fusion-pt.com