Find your peace of mind and body through Fusion's state of the art recovery technology. Proper recovery is essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind- our state of the art technology propels the recovery process and slows unwanted aches and pains.

B Strong

gives you the same benefits as lifting heavy weights, but without the stress on joints and muscles.

B Strong units are available during private coaching sessions and for purchase. Contact us at 212-924-4920 or info@fusion-pt.comfor more information.


aides in promoting blood flow and blood circulation to muscles and tissue, supplies oxygen to cells, loosens knots, and can release and drain excess fluids and toxins.

Ask your physical therapist if cupping would be a good recovery option for you.

Compression Therapy

  • is used to reduce inflammation and fluid collection, helps to remove lactic acid build up and improves blood circulation to enhance recovery.

    Please call our offices at 212-924-4920 to schedule a compression therapy session.

Game Ready

offers cold compression therapy systems for acute and chronic injury recovery and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Game Ready is used as a recovery treatment at the end of your appointment.


vibrating, foam roller technology used to correct muscle imbalances, improve range of motion and relieve muscle soreness.

All HyperIce products are available for purchase, contact our office a info@fusion-pt.com to place an order.

Electrical Stimulation

delivers small pulsating currents directly on the muscles, which in turn promotes muscle stimulation, blood circulation and muscle healing.

A part of our standard recovery options post appointment.