Alba Knight

Administrative Specialist

B.A. in Psychology – Delaware State University
Medical Administration-4 Years
Physical Therapy Administration-1 Years
All-American Division 1 Track and Field Athlete

Career Highlights:
Being a Track and Field athlete and Fitness Enthusiast has driven Alba’s interest and passion for wellness. Alba stresses understanding the importance of fitness, nutrition, and the mindset it takes for constant growth. Her experience, skill set, and knowledge acquired being a personal trainer fuels her desire to excel and learn. Alba’s constant involvement in health and wellness allows her to be self-competent in directing clients in the right direction in order to help them improve their lives one step at a time.

Personal Life:
Outside of work and family, Alba enjoys delving into personal development books, photo shoots, music, fishing, food and so much more. Her most enjoyable moments involves reaching out to the youth and expressing the importance of personal development and the power of goal setting.