Jason Fulco

Speed and Agility/ Cognitive Reaction Coach

7+ Years in the Fitness Industry
Lee Taft Multidirectional Certified

Career Highlights:
Jason works with a diverse range of athletes instilling his philosophies of speed and agility to provide every client with an in-game experience. From working with the number one, high school tight end in the nation to various collegiate programs and athletes in the MLB, NFL and Professional Women’s Lacrosse. Jason’s developed a sports performance model that focuses on hand-eye coordination, reaction, and sports anxieties. With his high energy and passion for sports no matter the walk of life he brings out the athlete in you.

Personal Life:
When not on the turf, Jason enjoys spending time with his family and friends. As a competitive athlete himself, Jason loves playing any and all sports including bowling, video games, and ping-pong. He also enjoys trying new things whether that be food, music or a new workout.