Triple Play Program

At Fusion Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, we blend clients’ individual rehabilitation and training needs with input from their physicians, sports team coaches and alternative-care practitioners to build a personalized fitness program. All parties are in constant dialogue so that whether clients are in peak condition or recovery, they receive a team-approach to their athletic goals.

We call our philosophy of injury treatment, prevention and performance training the Triple Play Program. Comprised of RehabReturn-To-Play and Compete.

The Triple Play Program combines cardio, strength-training, plyometrics, agility, balance, core and speed work orchestrated by a Sports Performance Specialist (SPS) under the hawk-eye of a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DTP) to give athletes customized programming that nets quantifiable results.


The initial phase of the Triple Play Program designed to assess your physical status, rehabilitation, and program needs.

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The second phase of the Triple Play Program focuses on teaching and instructing on proper exercise techniques, biomechanics, and muscular movements. Here we administer baseline testing to track your improvement.

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The final stage of the Triple Play Program was created to culminate the first two phases. The purpose of this last stage is to get you to compete at the highest level of performance, stressing your kinetic engine. We will fine tune your skills so that you're ready for competition.

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